Newlywed and Broke Comedy Series Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Film Campaign

" stars Reko and Kat"
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We’ve been working on a very funny crowdfunding film comedy project called, “Newlywed and Broke”that has very broad appeal. The crowdfunding project is beginning to draw some great casting support. Recently Emmy winner Kico Velarde (Supervising Producer on Jay Leno’s Garage on and Benito Martinez (well-known for his roles on “The Shield” and “Sons of Anarchy”) have both joined the cast. Here’s a little information about the project. By the way, the project still needs a little help. If you don’t mind, would you take a look at the indiegogo campaign and consider pledging? At the very least, please share this project with your social media networks.


Newlywed and Broke is a web series that will be a modern day “I Love Lucy”.  Where “I Love Lucy” pulled back the curtain on a couple dealing with life in show business, “Newlywed and Broke” will pull the curtain back on a couple dealing with today’s trying times of job loss and financial hardships… in hilarious ways! Each episode you’ll see a rib-tickling, laughter-inducing new way they struggle to make and save money. The goal of the company’s Indiegogo campaign is to produce a TV quality web series that will first air on the Newlywed and Broke website. Once there is an established market for the show, the series will be pitched to networks like ABC, FOX, HBO etc.

"Newlywed and Broke Actor Kat Castaneda"The “Newlywed and Broke” project continues to be an exciting ride for us. When we began the project, we had no idea that crowdfunding a project would be a full-time job. In the end, we believe that the project will be well-worth the effort. We want to bring the viewers something fresh and different and we are assembling a very strong group to make sure that we achieve that goal,” Stated Newlywed and Broke Creators, Reko Moreno and Kat Castaneda."Actor Reko Moreno"

In addition to the series, the show’s website will feature 52 Youtube style videos called, “Broke Tip Tuesdays”. Each week, these videos will provide viewers great money-saving tips by covering subjects such as “Broke Dating”, “Broke Cooking”, “Broke Travel” and many more. The crowdfunding campaign page is currently offering project supporters the opportunity to share their stories and broke tips, some of which will end up in future episodes.

Recently it was announced that Kico Velarde will be joining the cast as the main Director of the project. Velarde comes with years of experience and an Emmy win. He is also a Supervising Producer of Jay Leno’s garage on

Kico Velarde brings a wealth of experience to the Newlywed and Broke project. Having been an editor on projects for companies such as NBCUniversal, Deluxe Digital Studios, Technicolor, HGTV, Olmos Productions, and IFC. In addition, Kico has produced two Internationally Acclaimed and Award Winning feature films: 2007 Director’s Fortnight (Cannes International Film Festival) Camera d’ Or nominated “PVC-1″ and the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear nominated “Meteora”."Kico Velarde"

In 2011, Kico was tapped by NBCUniversal to join the producing team of Jay Leno’s web-series “Jay Leno’s Garage”. That same year, Kico took home his very first Emmy for “Jay Leno’s Garage”, following that up with two more Emmy Nominations in 2012 and 2013.

The Newlywed and Broke project is coming together so well. The quality of talent attaching themselves to the series is remarkable. Just last week it was announced that Accomplished actor, Benito Martinez would be joining the cast. Martinez is well known for many roles, including his role in FX Networks’ acclaimed crime drama “The Shield” and in FX Networks hit show, “Sons of Anarchy”. They talent for a network quality series certainly there. The only remaining hurdle is for the public to visit the show’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and make sure that show becomes funded,” stated Universal Media Consultants Founder and crowdfunding campaign promoter, Philip Cardwell.

This is such a great project. Go watch the video and consider supporting them. At the very least, please share the campaign with your friends and social media connections.

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