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56% of crowdfunding projects never become fully funded. That’s why Universal Media Consultants’ Crowdfunding Advertising Services can significantly increase the odds of successful funding for your crowdfunding campaign. You can increase your odds of running a successful crowdfunding campaign by visiting The Crowdfunding Accelerator.

For a limited time, UMC is offering a free “Advertising Crowdfunding Campaigns” program. You will not have ANY out-of-pocket costs. What we do is real simple. We will assign you a campaign manager who will evaluate your crowdfunding campaign in order to make sure that you have a fighting chance of funding success. Your crowdfunding manager will help you plan, produce materials for your campaign and choose which crowdfunding platform to use. Your manager will guide you through the entire process… from the planning to the complete funding.

Once we make the commitment to stand behind your crowdfunding project, we’ll turn on advertising using UMC’S Marketing Magnification™ for Crowdfunding.

The success of your crowdfunding project is totally dependent on the projects “popularity”. The popularity of your project is dependent upon the number of people who are aware that you even have a project running. We have access to a very large number of potential project backers and we can make a difference in the success of your crowdfunding campaign. 

That’s why you should apply for UMC’s Free Marketing Magnification™ for Crowdfunding pilot program. 

  • we help plan, produce materials, review and improve your crowdfunding pitch 
  • issue national press releases to announce your crowdfunding project
  • personally contact relevant journalists, bloggers and media outlets
  • thoroughly pound social media platforms to create a buzz
  • attract a significant number of potential project backers

 When we do this for our crowdfunding clients, we Magnify the exposure of their crowdfunding campaign, creating dramatic “Reach and Results” and eventually… project backers.

Complete the form below, to see if your crowdfunding campaign qualifies for our new pilot program. We are limiting this pilot program to only 25 crowdfunding projects, so space is scarce and you should apply now.

Before you go any further, take some time to familiarize yourself with the latest news from the world of Crowdfunding, by visiting: The Crowdfunders Blog and then when you are truly ready to proceed, contact The Crowdfunding Accelerator.

Results In 3 Simple Steps


Magnify Your Crowdfunding Message

Plan, Produce, Review and Improve Your Pitch


Magnify Your Crowdfunding Presence

Issue Press and Pound Social Media so Project Backers can find  you easily and often.


Magnify Your Project Backers

Inform 10,000′s of Potential Backers by getting the word out to the Masses!

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3 Steps to Marketing Magnification for Crowdfunders Summary

Step 1 is very important but often overlooked. We first help our clients prepare their content and pitch for maximum results. Often marketing doesn’t work because the message and crowdfunding pitch are not compelling enough to attract backers. Through our association with, you will be provided a campaign manager who will provide end-to-end services supporting your crowdfunding campaign origination, planning, management and execution. will assists in all facets of campaign definition, planning, pre- launch, launch and post-launch activities.

We help our clients prepare their media, message and crowdfunding pitch to give the project maximum appeal. 

If you want to Magnify Your Crowdfunding Project so that it’s focused, specific and successful give us a call at 205-588-5588 

Answers & Solutions

You can have a great product and a killer message but still fall short in todays overcrowded crowdfunding market. That’s because everyone is screaming “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME”. In all the noise and screaming even the best campaigns are drowned out.

Well the simple solution isn’t to scream louder by spending more time and more money. It’s step 2, to Magnify your Crowdfunding Presence so your potential backers can find your project easily and often. This means massive advertising and marketing of your project and maximizing your online presence.

This might include:

  • issuing press releases
  • personally contacting journalists and bloggers
  • massive social media exposure across all platforms
  • placement on 10,000′s of websites

What this does is Magnify your online presence so it’s super easy to find your crowdfunding project. You want to be everywhere you can, making sure your potential backers can find you easy and often.

If you want to Magnify Your Crowdfunding Presence so that your potential backers can find you easily and often give us a call at 205-588-5588 

Answers & Solutions

Having a killer message and online presence to succeed are the essential ingredients for marketing success, and it’s no secret that UMC’s Marketing Magnification is the magic behind the success. The secret to having your project funded is Step 3, Magnify Your Project Backers.

To Magnify your Project Backers we take your message and your online presence and then drive tons of traffic and attention to them. We’re talking

literally 10′s of thousands of people

  • seeing your crowdfunding project
  • visiting your crowdfunding website
  • considering whether or not your project is right for them
  • talking about your project with others
  • potentially becoming one of your project’s backers

With so much attention, your project reach has been Magnified. And because your message is tight, focused and compelling along with having easy access with deep online presence, things come together in a major way.

If you want to Magnify Your Reach so that your campaign reaches 10,000′s of potential backers call us at 205-588-5588 

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The 3 steps to advertising crowdfunding using Marketing Magnification are key to how we help our clients get the results they need. To learn more about each step in the Marketing Magnification process click here.

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